Wine Cabinet

Our wine cabinets are a perfect addition to your wine department. They can hold up to 22 cases of wine and can be used as a single, standalone fixture or side-by-side, to create a larger display. An excellent choice to showcase your higher-end wines or to feature popular or on-sale wines. They are also well-suited for categorizing wine by grape and/or geography. Interior dividers come either standard (straight) or curved. A great way to organize your wine for a great price!

  • Solid hardwood and hardwood veneer construction with two coats of clear lacquer finish
  • Pricetag molding
  • Cart protection bumper
  • Custom stain finishes available

Product Types - Part Numbers

Part Number Width Height Depth
WDC-455029 45" 50" 29"
WDC-486033 48" 60" 33"

Part Number Width Height Depth
WDCCCD-486033 48" 60" 33"

Part Number Width Height Depth
WDC-426129 42" 61" 29"