Produce Wall Merchandiser

This is the ultimate solution for showcasing your fresh produce in a stylish and organized way! Our produce wall merchandiser display is designed to attract customers with its sleek and modern design while keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh and easily accessible. With its customizable shelving and easy-to-clean surfaces, this display is perfect for any grocery store, farmer's market, or produce stand.

  • White, black or almond melamine construction
  • Uprights **available in white, black or almond
  • 1 row of cart protection
  • Several hardwood and veneer species available
  • Adjustable price tag molding shelves with 2 coats clear lacquer finish
  • Crate box with 2 coats clear lacquer finish

Product Types - Part Numbers

Part Number Width Height Depth
PWM-367230 36" 72" 31"
PWM-487230 48" 72" 31"