Bagel/Roll Merchandiser

This mobile spot merchandiser is perfect for featuring large quantities of dinner rolls, bagels, bolillo and telera rolls. More than just an attractive display, it allows your customers to self-serve and it can be moved anywhere in your department.

  • Two coats clear lacquer finish
  • Acrylic Bins
  • Tong, tether and holders
  • Acrylic Tissue Box **only available on BBM-375136
  • Acrylic Tie Box **only available on BBM-375136
  • Locking swivel casters
  • Several hardwood and veneer species available
  • 1 row of cart protection bumper
  • Bag holder

Product Types - Part Numbers

Part Number Width Height Depth
BBM-244324 24" 37" 24"
BBM-324337 32" 37" 37"
BBM-375136 37" 46" 36"