8 Pan Gourmet Center

Our full-size 8 Pan Gourmet Center is easily portable, appealing to the human eye and is an efficient use of retail floor space. Inside the self-closing glass doors, you can hold up to 96 fresh baked muffins. Enhance your merchandise even more by adding some end table units to the sides for maximum display space.

Accessorize your Gourmet Center with our 12 count muffin pans!

  • Two coats clear lacquer finish
  • Locking swivel casters
  • Tissue pan
  • Bag pan
  • Trash Can
  • Several hardwood and veneer species available
  • 1 row of cart protection bumper
  • LED lights
  • Chalkboard with sign holder

Product Types - Part Numbers

Part Number Width Height Depth
GCT8G-606856 59" 62" 48"