Classic styling of our Frontier Orchard Bins makes them the ultimate display solution for fresh and delicious produce! Our beautifully crafted bins are designed to showcase your fruits and vegetables in the most eye-catching way possible, while also keeping them fresh and easily accessible for your customers.

With a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from, Frontier Orchard Bins are the perfect addition to any grocery store, farmers market, or roadside stand.


  • Two coats clear lacquer finish
  • Vertical "V" groove veneer panels
  • Plastic Liner *excludes Access Door styles
  • Stainless Steel Insert *only for access door styles
  • 1 shelf per side opening *only for side box styles


  • Several hardwood and veneer species available
  • Specify the types of corner guards – ABS or metal
  • Metal accent corner brackets
  • Nail glides or locking swivel casters
  • Antimicrobial liner

Product Types
Part Numbers - Dimensions
Part Number Width Height Depth
FOB-362516 36" 25" 16"
FOB-362536 36" 25" 36"
FOB-363116 36" 31" 16"
FOB363136 36" 31" 36"
FOB-363736 36" 37" 36"
FOB-482516 48" 25" 16"
FOB-483148 48" 31" 48"